Antalya City Tour

Date: 05.11.2019

PRICE: Per person 50 Euro

Between 13:30 - 18:00 hours  -   Discover the beautiful city of Antalya on a trip from Kemer. 

antalya kale içi ile ilgili görsel sonucu

      The highlights on this tour include a visit to Hadrian’s Gate, the Clock Tower at Kalekapisi, Republic Square and with its dramatic statue and excellent views of the Mediterranean Coast and the distant Olympos Mountains. Descending from the square, we will explore the narrow, winding streets of historic Old Antalya (Kaleiçi), filled with graceful Ottoman era houses and gardens.

       Our next stop is the Duden II Waterfall that is at the highest cliff of Lara Beach.During your time you will have a change to shop and buy souvenirs. 



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